The Palaeo Pad field trip to Brighton (continued)

Posted By Ian Randall on 4 April 2010

Well, the field trip was fun – not, perhaps, quite as we had planned it, mind – but it wasn’t without some amusement.

Sadly, while high tide might have passed by a few hours before we arrived at Peacehaven, the sea had not retreated quite as far as we had anticipated – and as such the majority of the foreshore, and the chance of photographing the giant ammonites which lie within it, was sadly quite beyond our reach1.

That said, we learnt a valuable lesson (always bring diving gear with you) – and against all improbability, even found a couple of interesting specimens: Lizzy’s brilliant find, a beautifully preserved echinoid (of which we uploaded a picture live from the beach in the last post), and I picked up a (possible) bivalve shell, which looks terribly convincing if only you squint at it in the right way.

…and we even got some whimsical footage of the hunt in action. Enjoy!

  1. A thousand curses on the moon and our early train home which prevented us from staying longer! []


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