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The Author - Ian Randall

Ian Randall is a freelance journalist.

He has an MA in Science Journalism from City University and a BA (Hons) in Geology from St Edmund Hall, Oxford, and harbors a fascination with palaeontology – his favourite fossil is the heteromorphic ammonite, Nipponites mirabilis.

Ian has written for GeoScientist Magazine, EARTH Magazine and did an investigation into light bulb recycling for The Ecologist.

Ian is currently the editor of ALICE Matters, the newsletter of the ALICE Experiment at CERN; the editor of e-EPS, the newsletter of the European Physical Society and a Visiting Lecturer at City University London.

A complete portfolio of his work can be found here.

In his spare time, Ian enjoys reading, backgammon and computer programming. One day, he would like to write a murder mystery, but advises you not to bother reading it.

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