Palaeontologists uncover new Pachycephalosaurian dinosaur

Ian Randall | 21st April 2010

A new species of plant-eating dinosaur, which sports a grapefruit sized mass of bone on the top of its skull, has been uncovered in Texas’ Big Bend National Park. The find, which would have lived 70 to 80 million years ago, is reported in the latest issue of Cretaceous Research.

Sauropod skulls changed shape in the lead up to maturity

Ian Randall | 4th April 2010

The skulls of certain juvenile sauropods underwent radical alterations in their progression towards adulthood, reveals a study published in the latest issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

The Palaeo Pad field trip to Brighton (continued)

Ian Randall | 4th April 2010

Well, the field trip was fun – not, perhaps, quite as we had planned it, mind – but it wasn’t without some amusement.

Echinoid find at Peacehaven beach

Ian Randall | 3rd April 2010

We are on the beach, and have just made this fantastic echinoid find!

The Palaeo Pad field trip to Brighton

Ian Randall | 2nd April 2010

For a little treat tomorrow, The Palaeo Pad shall be going on a little jaunt to Peacehaven, in East Sussex, on a fossil hunt.

New sauropodomorph species found in Utah

Ian Randall | 1st April 2010

A partial skeleton of a new species of long necked, herbivorous dinosaur which lived 185 million years ago has been found among the red rocks of Utah. The find, which is reported in a recent edition of PLoS ONE by palaeontologists from the Universities of Stony Brook and Utah, along with the Utah Museum of Natural History, establishes the prevalence of sauropodomorph dinosaurs during the early Jurassic.

Palaeontologists find early example of asexual reproduction

Ian Randall | 31st March 2010

A new species from the terminal Ediacaran, Cloudina carinata, has been discovered in Spain. The tubular fossil, described in a recent issue of the journal Precambrian Research, lived between 550 and 543 million years ago and was one of the first animals to leave behind evidence of reproduction.