Time-averaged fossil communities may imply false stability

Ian Randall | 5 April 2010

The ecological information which can be gleaned from the fossil record is controlled by the processes of accumulation involved, according to a paper by the University of Chicago, which is to be published in the May issue of The American Naturalist.

Echinoid find at Peacehaven beach

Ian Randall | 3 April 2010

We are on the beach, and have just made this fantastic echinoid find!

Fedexia is earliest terrestrial amphibian

Ian Randall | 15 March 2010

The description of a new carnivorous amphibian, Fedexia striegeli, has provided the earliest evidence of widespread terrestrial invertebrates. The discovery, which is being published in today’s issue of Annals of Carnegie Museum, is around 20 million years older than its fellow land based amphibians.